Rules for Using Morgridge Commons


All guests should enter and exit through the Cooper Street entrance; handicap access is provided.

For for events when a door access code is not possible, please assign a greeter at the main entrance to direct arriving guests to your meeting.

Visiting organizations may not hold media conferences or make public announcements at Morgridge Commons.

Please notify Morgridge Commons in advance about any potential media coverage of activities taking place in our meeting space.

An organization’s use of the meeting space does not constitute an endorsement by Morgridge Commons, Colorado Mountain College or the CMC Foundation.


If your meeting includes a meal, please use a preferred caterer found on our website.

Organizations may bring coffee, drinks and snacks into meeting rooms.

When catered, a kitchen or food fee does apply.

Setup / Cleanup

You are responsible for the cleanup of the meeting rooms you use.

Please leave the room clean and return tables and chairs to the standard layout.

Please leave tables and chairs in the same configuration they were in when you entered the room.

Large food and beverage items should be discarded in the trash in the kitchen area. Trash and recyclables from your meeting room should be placed in the appropriate containers located in the kitchen area.

After your meeting and prior to departing, please notify the office assistant.

Organizations will be asked to reimburse Morgridge Commons for damage caused to facilities, furniture or equipment.


Wireless internet access is available in all meeting rooms.

If using our electronic displays, please bring the necessary AV adaptors for your equipment.

While Morgridge Commons features state-of-the-art technology, please note that connectivity from your computer is not guaranteed. We recommended scheduling an appointment in advance to test your technology. Technical assistance is limited to establishing internet connectivity and audio/visual output from your devices.

IT service is available upon request and for a fee. See IT Support Rates.

Internet access is limited to standard websites. No illegal or compromising websites will be allowed. Only wireless capable devices may be connected to our network. Wired or wireless hubs, switches, routers, etc. may not be connected.


If you wish to cancel your reservation, please email us at, or call the Morgridge Commons office at 970-384-8772 with the name of your organization, the meeting date(s) and time(s) to be cancelled.

Any cancellations for after hours events (Monday - Friday after 5pm and Saturday) must be made at least 7 business days in advance.

Any cancellations for events during our regular business hours must give 24 hours notice.

We understand that inclement weather or other urgent situations can result in cancellations with less advance notice.

Advance notice of cancellation is appreciated so that space may be offered to other organizations.

Room Cancellation Policy

The fees for all facilities, required deposit, equipment and/or furniture are detailed on the permit. User agrees to pay all use fees no later than seven calendar days in advance of the meeting date. If all fees are not paid in full by such date, CMC may terminate this agreement and allow the premises to be used by another user. All amounts due and owing by user which are more than thirty (30) days past due will be assessed a twenty percent (20%) late fee. The user shall reimburse CMC for any collection costs, including attorneys' or other professionals' fees and costs.

Cancellation notice must be received 10 business days prior to a scheduled event to receive a refund. Notice of cancellation must be made to the facility where the event is scheduled. Cancellation refunds may require up to 45 days for processing. A maximum of (3) three cancellations or no-shows are allowed per fiscal year. Repeated failure to notify CMC of cancellations may result in privileges being revoked.

Weather Cancellation

In the event the premises are declared closed due to inclement weather or for other reasons, any permission to use the premises is automatically withdrawn during the closure period. In such event, CMC shall provide notice of cancellation to the user, and the user is solely responsible for notifying event participants.